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The Daily Perch

Thoughts and musings from a bird guy

Bird Geek

Favorite Bird Memes – April Edition

Here are another five of our favorite funny bird memes for April! 1. You’ve heard of elf on a shelf via memezila 2. Adult me having a bad day via Cheezburger 3. Steven Seagull via Cheezburger 4. Putting on my work face via Memedroid 5. I can’t my duckling fell asleep on my calculator via Instagram

Some of my best friends are rescues

New Design: My best friends are rescues

This month parrot rescues have been top of mind around here, not only because springtime is usually the start of lot’s of big fundraisers for some of our favorite non-profits. We are currently starting the process of opening our own rescue/sanctuary for parrots by figuring out space and capacity required and looking at what is…

Kona and Michael with his new mask

Live events here we come!

For better or worse, COVID restrictions seem to be loosening up quite a bit here in Texas. Hard to believe it has been an entire year since things got weird. Last year at this time we were planning to start making appearances at various bird related shows in the south to promote our shirts, but…

Cinnamon's Egg

Cinnamon Laid an egg!

Talk about a surprise! We woke up the other day and started preparing food for the flock as usual when much to our surprise there was a little white egg sitting inside cinnamon’s cage. But Wait… I thought you only had one cockatiel? That’s the funny thing… we do! It’s pretty common for female birds…

Happy Budgie Collectible Pin

Everyone needs a budgie

While we haven’t been able to move as quickly as we would like with our new pin series, I am happy to share that we have our new super cute budgie pins in! This happy little green budgie can be right by your side all the time, just pin him to your bag, collar, nametag,…

Kona, Goffin's Cockatoo

Meet Kona, Goffin Cockatoo

Kona’s bark is definitely worse than his bite! Kona is a ten year old Goffin’s Cockatoo with a personality of someone that drank one too many espressos combined with an air horn. A Goffin’s Cockatoo is one of the smallest white cockatoos and has a peach or rose colored tinted under color that is prominent on its…

Shamrock, a Quaker Parrot

Shamrock, a Rescued Quaker Parrot

You might hear me mention from time to time one of our local wildlife rehabilitation groups that I work with, All Things Wild. All Things Wild is a non-profit organization that takes in wildlife of all kinds that are native to the Austin/Georgetown Texas area that have been injured or displaced. They are a small…

Cockatiel Collectible Pin

Put a pin in it… A bird pin

We have been helping our friends out over at the wildlife rehabilitation center quite a bit lately, and one of the items they asked me about recently about was creating some sort of annual gift to give to the volunteers. These volunteers spend countless hours and much of their own dollars to help keep the…

Kona, Goffin's Cockatoo

Favorite Bird Memes – October Edition

Here are five of Kona’s favorite bird memes making their way across the internet. 1. When you were the only one in costume at work via imgflip 2. Come on Carl, pose with me! via imgur 3. Morning Scream via DailyLolPics 4. Cat Person or Dog Person? via memes.bird 5. A New Hobby via Reddit Share your favorites in the…

I Always Bring My Wingman

New Design: I always bring by wingman

You can be my wingman any time. Iceman Just in! A new design featuring an African grey parrot with the need… the need for speed! Conjuring memories from my favorite 80’s movies and some of the best cheesy quotes of all time. I couldn’t help myself going down this path… after all a parrot is the best…

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