Kona, Goffin's Cockatoo

Kona’s bark is definitely worse than his bite! Kona is a ten year old Goffin’s Cockatoo with a personality of someone that drank one too many espressos combined with an air horn.

A Goffin’s Cockatoo is one of the smallest white cockatoos and has a peach or rose colored tinted under color that is prominent on its cheeks.

Kona came to live with us in early 2020 as a surrender. His original owner was unable to spend the amount of time needed or care for the him any longer and wanted to find a good home. When he first arrived he was in poor shape–in need of a good shower, starting to pluck some feathers with some bald legs, and in need of a healthier diet. It definitely took some time for him to get used to his new home, In-fact the first two nights he spent most of the night screaming, much to the annoyance of his new family members Tiki and Cinnamon Bun. However, the new routine was quickly appreciated and he is no longer as skittish.

Kona is an attention hound! I don’t think I have ever met a bird that wants scritches as much as this bird. He will perch up on you, nudge your hand, and say ‘come on!’ until you give the skootchies. He also loves music and will dance around and sing along when a song with a good beat comes on.

What’s it like to live with a Goffin’s Cockatoo?

A Goffin’s Cockatoo is a medium sized bird, and similar in size to Tiki, but that is where the similarities stop. Kona is LOUD! and we aren’t talking beautiful songs here. Kona has two screams, either a loud high pitched call when he wants attention or a gravely scream like the bird version of Sam Kinison when he isn’t pleased with the situation. He knows a few words, but are definitely not very clear and most were picked up from his previous owner including a funny dog bark.

Kona sleeps in a huge cage that is about 5’x7′ same as Tiki, but that isn’t a requirement. This gives him ample room to stretch his wings and make short flights when he isn’t hanging out with the family. We try to have our birds out and socializing throughout the day as much as possible.

Since Kona is an adult it definitely takes much longer for him to change his habits and behavior, but he is incredibly smart. He still is pretty nervous around other people and the kids, but always wants to hang out with the adults. He also has the habit of shredding things… papers, boxes, walls, you name it.

How about training?

Kona is incredibly easy to train, but he is very picky on his treats. He took to target training almost immediately and loves a good sunflower seed.

What are his favorite foods?

Kona was raised on seeds, especially sunflower seeds, so he loves it if he can get his beak on one. He also has become a pretty big fan of nutriberries as well and likes to hold on to it while savoring each bite.

What about favorite toys?

Kona is a fan of coconut shells and hanging rope toys, but by far prefers hanging out with his people.

Who does he like the most?

Kona doesn’t really have a preference, just whoever is offering the scritches at that moment.

What about medical care?

We have him on an annual wellness plan and keep good track of his weight and diet like the other birds, but Kona has not had any issues since coming to live with us.

Does he have a favorite Cockatoo Shirt?

I think my favorite is the ‘I have birds older than you’ shirt as Kona is the same age as my oldest human child.

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