Cockatiel Collectible Pin

We have been helping our friends out over at the wildlife rehabilitation center quite a bit lately, and one of the items they asked me about recently about was creating some sort of annual gift to give to the volunteers. These volunteers spend countless hours and much of their own dollars to help keep the center running, so it is nice to recognize their hard work and as a little reminder of what happened that year. This year I can safely say was pretty memorable.

We worked through a few options, possibly a shirt, maybe a mug or a patch, perhaps a water bottle… We ended up deciding on a collectible pin that can be kept on a name tag, lanyard, or wherever else they want to stick it, and could be created unique to fit the theme of the year. I was so interested in the experience, I thought… hey why not create some awesome pins for Birdwear?

Well I am super-excited about these new collectible pins. We plan to release a new design several times throughout the year, starting with the chairbird of the board herself, Cinnamon bun.

Now you can look totally pro with a hint of bird crazy but adding a pin on your messenger bag, lapel, purse, or anywhere that looks like it could use a bird.

Get your collectible cockatiel pin today!