Your shirt helps birds!

We donate 20% of our proceeds to various causes and organizations that help rescue parrots and birds.

We love birds of all shapes and sizes, so it’s important for us to support organizations that help rescue, conserve, and care for these feathered beauties.

In fact, the need for parrot rescues has grown exponentially because of the long-term care and space required for many species. With parrots specifically, many people will bring home a parrot without the full understanding of the commitment (both financial and time-wise) it comes with, or a the bird may outlive its human and then it needs a new place to live for sometimes 50+years!

To help support these amazing places, We donate 20% of our proceeds back to these causes and organizations. So every purchase you make from Birdwear, helps an animal in need!

Meeting Ambassador Crows
Michael meeting an ambassador crow, that was once kept as a pet and can no longer be released to the wild.
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