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Wild and Free

Shop our latest collection of wild bird t-shirts, celebrating the most amazing and beautiful birds from around the planet.


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Our Mission

We are bird lovers through-and-through, and we want to share our love of these flighted animals with like-minded bird people across the globe, celebrating their natural beauty and intelligence. Here at Birdwear, we do this by creating unique bird t-shirts and parrot gifts to make you smile, while at the same time supporting non-profit bird sanctuaries, rescue facilities, and conservation causes.

Whether you care for a cute green cheeked conure, a Talkative Amazon Parrot, a multi-colored macaw parrot or just love to watch the wild beauty of the native birds outside your window, our goal is to have something to show-off that passion.

We stand behind our products, as they make up the majority of our own wardrobe, and offer the highest quality service to our customers. We offer quick turnaround times and have helped put smiles on hundreds of faces.

After all…Who wants to wear an ordinary shirt when you can wear a parrot shirt?

What people are saying about us

  • “Great quality and sure to please the grackle lover in your life!”

  • “Absolutely adorable. I love the green, and that African grey is the cutest. Perfect for the holidays. I’m going to wear this on Christmas morning. Great quality…thank you!”

  • “What a great shirt for bird lovers! Highly recommend.”

  • “The shirt is a comfortable material and it seems well printed. It was a present and they loved it!”

  • “Wife absolutely loved this shirt, thanks for helping make it a happy birthday!”

  • “I did a custom order shirt and was so happy with the customer service, and the quality of the shirt when it arrived. Shipping was very quick too. I would highly recommend this seller!!”

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