About Us

Our Story

Birdwear began in 2019 by a couple of odd love birds, Michael and Lisa Pazienza, who wanted something that showed off their feathered family members and could help spread their enjoyment of birds with the world. Through Birdwear we are able to bring unique, fun products and clothes for other bird lovers, and invest a portion of the proceeds to create programs and resources to care for birds.

Our Mission

To create more #BirdPeople - by spreading joy, education, and resources about birds.

Why Birds?

Birds are some of the most beautiful and intelligent animals with over 10,000 different species worldwide, and can also become lifelong companions with some living upwards of 100 years. One thing we discovered is that #BirdPeople are a unique breed in themselves who are truly committed to their companions like no other pet.

Company Advisors

Cinnamon Bun


Born in 2017, Cinnamon Bun was adopted by the Pazienza family from a cockatiel breeder in Austin, TX. From the beginning she ruled the roost and has a fun, albeit erratic personality. Her favorite things include a good bird kabob, scrambled eggs, sleeping under Michael's chin, and bird baths. Her favorite song to sing is the Old Spice jingle.



The most recent edition to the team, Tiki was born in 2019 and is very inquisitive. He loves pinata toys, going for walks, and a good bowl of fresh green beans and berries.